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About Kidiquette

Kidiquette- The Etiquette Workshop for Kids

Kidiquette is not just another workshop for kids, it’s a program aimed to change the way your child thinks and understands the importance of manners. Become more respectful not just with outsiders but also at home, build self confidence through role plays while they learn the importance of manners. Inculcation Good manners and etiquette in your child when we hardly see any in today’s fast paced world becomes even more essential. At Kidiquette your child will learn the following :-  The Importance of Manners  The Perfect Introduction  Social Etiquette  Body Language  Grooming & Personal Hygiene  Telephone Etiquette  Thanking & Apologizing  Accepting & Giving Compliments  Table Manners  Practical Luncheon

Workshops Benefits

Things that we work on.

At Kidiquette we give personalized attention to make learning fun & simple yet implementing it would be a child's play!

Children learn best when learning is fun. At Kidiquette your child will learn some of the most important aspects of life, minding their Manners.

The art of self introduction, greetings, handshake, personal hygiene, Grooming is an important aspect of child's overall appearance.

How We Work?

  1. Open workshops which will be announced every month near your location on Sat & Sun.

  2. Invite us to your building/colony/housing society, min requirement 10-15 kids.

  3. We can come to your school and conduct the workshop during the school hours.

Our Vision

Make Kidiquette the Best Etiquette Destination for Kids & Teens.

Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go~Margaret Walke


My thoughts.

Only child is not lonely

Only child is ‘not’ a lonely Child

There is an old saying that ‘only child is a lonely child’  which is not true.    When I had my 1st child we had decided to have only one child boy or girl did not matter. When my daughter was a toddler many people advised us to plan for a 2nd one to give […]

Love for Strays

Love for Strays

‘A dog is a man’s best friend’. We all know that dog’s are the most common pets that give humans company and unconditional love. Many bring in pets when they are barely a few months especially on the demands of their kids. My daughter loves dog’s & she has been asking for a pet ever […]

Hotel Karl Residency

Upcoming Workshop’s

‘Manners cost nothing but mean everything’ This Diwali Vacation let your child have fun while they learn how to be more respectful towards others and themselves. Enroll your kids for the upcoming etiquette workshop with Kidiquette at Hotel Karl Residency Topics to be covered are :- The Importance of Manners Social Etiquette Body Language Grooming […]

Etiquette in the Indian scenario.

  Wishing everyone a very Happy & Prosperous New Year! Writing this blog has been on my mind for a very long time but it took me some courage to publish it, especially when it comes to writing about your own country folks! Do most of the Indian’s lack basic Etiquette? If you answered ‘Yes’ […]

Manners and Kids

Manners will make your child!

Parents are often faced with this question, “when is the right time to start inculcating good manners in my child?” Well, the sooner you start its better for you. We as parents are more worried about which school should we select for our children than enjoying our little bundle of joy & giving them their […]


Personality Enhancement

Kidiquette workshops are designed to empower children, to develop strong social skills that will help them gain respect for themselves and take control of their destiny by making good choices. Enroll your child in one of our upcoming classes.


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